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Tiger bells in South West Asia


Tiger bells are of the A type.

Photograph: courtesy Elisabeth den Otter, Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Region: Campbellpore district (Northeast Pakistan)
Five tiger bells, on a set of two wooden anklets. Two tiger bells and two ordinary bells on one anklet, three tiger bells and two small ordinary bells on the other. The anklets were used by men during dances performed during wedding ceremonies.
Bells are of the A type but roughly made (similar to some examples from Afghanistan and East Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Collection Tropen Museum, Amsterdam (Neth.), procured in 1965.

Region: unknown
On eBay, the site of, one tiger bell type A.


Bronze tiger bell circa 1600-1700 AD from Pakistan.The bell is in fine condition 100% authentic, no restoration.

Views from both sides
Photographs: courtesy

For notes on the arrival of tiger bells in Afghanistan, northeast Pakistan and Turkey please go to the paragraph on Malang, Sufi's and Mistics and the paragraph on the Hazara on the Afghanistan page.

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